Who we are and what we Do

The Eccles Boxing School Provides expert training for all individuals of all levels and ability,Regardless of gender or occupation.Everyone is made to feel welcome.

We cater for individuals of all levels and ability, Wether you are just starting off in boxing or have little experience right through to the more experienced.


We help to develop our clients fitness, And help give them the Motivation, Encouragement to help them achieve their goals.


We have classes available from Reception age children all the way upto Adults, For all levels of fitness and experience.These classes run nightly Monday to Friday.


We pride ourselves in giving our clients a variety of skills that will help develop fitness and encourage a healthy steady weight loss.In addition the skills taught are an effective form of self defence.


We feel Children especially benefit from the Discipline involved in boxing.Which leaves them with long lasting ethos of hard work and also can assist in them growing up to be healthy adults.


We have a large Gym to teach our classes with 2 Boxing Rings, a variety of Free weights and training equipment.


We focus on helping each individual to progress, and help them achieve their individual goals.


We also have 1 to 1 classes available at the best prices around.